Italian Vacation Villas from an Expert Guide

Vacanza Bella's single goal is to help you find the short-term holiday rental in Italy that is right for you.

Here’s what Vacanza Bella offers:

  • furnished vacation apartment rentals in Rome, Florence, and Venice
  • weekly villa and farmhouse rentals in Umbria and Tuscany, all with pools
  • villas and cottages, often right on the shore, in the Italian Lake District
  • country house rentals in less touristy areas like the Veneto.

Most important, Vacanza Bella offers me, Daniel Morneau

I founded Vacanza Bella in 1986 and my first trip to Italy dates from back in 1971! I believe I have been in the vacation rental business longer than anyone else in North America dealing solely with Italian holiday properties. Choosing to work with Vacanza Bella means you reap the benefit of those thirty-plus years of experience in the rental business and the profound knowledge, acquired over four decades, of the country you are choosing to visit: Italy.  I have seen each and every villa I offer. I make you this solemn promise: I will only rent you a villa which I feel you will like.  After all these years in the business, I can tell, often within minutes, which specific villas you will be happy in, and which ones just won’t suit you.  Often, clients come to me for a villa in Tuscany, and they end up in a cottage on the Amalfi Coast.  This is what I mean by guiding you to what you really want deep down.

How does it work?

It’s very simple: read over the Selecting a Villa and Booking Procedure sections of this website. Then peruse the properties and maybe make some tentative selections, based on location, size, budget, whatever, but trying to remain open at the same time. Finally, go to the Contact Page and send us an email answering some of the questions we pose on that page. We will guide you from there.

Vacanza Bella's sole and only purpose in life is helping you to identify the vacation property in Italy that's right for you.