Arrival and Departure

As soon as you make your final payment, we send you detailed directions.
No. A real person greets you and lets you in. That person shows you how everything works and gives you keys.
  • Pay over your cash security deposit in euros. This must be done on the day you arrive and cannot be postponed for bank opening hours or any other reason.
  • Read the utilities meters (if utilities are extra), and read the phone meter, if there is one.
  • Find out where the plastic garbage bags are kept and where garbage should be left.
  • Determine the location of the circuit breakers in case of current overload or other electrical interruptions. Also, find out where candles/flashlight are kept.
  • Go over the operation of appliances like the washing machine and dishwasher.
Vacanza Bella will have advised the owner of your arrival time. You and we will have communicated about this about a month in advance.

Your arrival time is considered to be an appointment, not just an indication of when you might arrive. So you can’t decide on a two-hour delay just because you’ve passed a tempting wine shop on your way to the property. The greeter must have a specific time for your arrival, and you must respect that time.

Between 4 and 6 pm.

Why so late? Because the property will very often have been rented until the very morning of your arrival, with the prior guests departing (theoretically) at 10am. It takes time to prepare the property properly for you. We have been in this business for over 25 years. If we have learned anything at all, it is this: The moment of arrival is crucial. If that moment goes wrong for whatever reason, there is mutual resentment and hell to pay for the entire rest of the time. If you arrive early, the housekeeping will be done in a rushed way and won’t be done right. The owner/greeter will be flustered; you will be annoyed. Please respect the arrival time so that you and everyone else involved will be happy.

IF the property wasn’t occupied the night before your arrival, and if the greeter is available, then of course we will arrange for you to go straight to the place and be let in. No reason not to accommodate you if we can.

If the place was indeed occupied on the night before your arrival, then there is no solution. You must simply wait and find a way to occupy your time until the accommodation is ready for occupancy. We have ourselves had to do this on many occasions when we rented – in London, in Paris, in Italy – and it’s a big pain, especially when all we want to do when we get someplace after a long flight is (a) sleep; and (b) shower. The best solution is to park yourselves and your luggage at a café’ and enjoy a long, lazy day indulging in one of the delights of the gastronomic world: Italian food and drink, wine and coffee.

Sometimes it may be possible for you to leave your luggage at the place early. This cannot be guaranteed, so don’t ask us to guarantee it. If consent is granted for this, you must do simply that: leave your bags and then disappear until the housecleaning has been completed. In the case of a large villa with many beds to change, this will be 4pm at the earliest.

If you are arriving very early in the day and you feel you must get into your accommodation right away, you can do what we ourselves have done on several occasions in the past: Plan your arrival flight for the morning after your rental officially begins. You only lose one evening, and you are guaranteed to have immediate access to your rental when you arrive. Alternatively, plan your flight itinerary such that your flight arrives later in the day.

10am, and please do not delay.

There must be sufficient time left to prepare the place for the next renter. If there is no next renter – something which may not be known until the relative last minute – we will be happy to discuss a later checkout time.

On the other hand, please advise the caretaker or owner if you intend to leave earlier than planned, either on an earlier day or at an ungodly early hour on the scheduled departure date. That way, you can arrange with the owner or caretaker to settle up on your “extras”, if any – phone, housekeeping charges, utilities, etc. If you’re vacating the house at dawn, the settling-up process should happen the evening before.

Go over the deductions from your security deposit, if any: tourist taxes; final cleaning charges if any; utilities if not included in the rental; phone; additional housekeeping costs; any unpaid costs for other domestic services you might have empoyed and for which you have not yet paid; any other extras; and damages.

Because this process can become rather lengthy, and because we realize that you may understandably be rather harried on your departure morning, it is our strong belief that in all cases you perform the checkout process on the afternoon or evening prior to your departure, along with the caretaker or owner.