Booking Procedure

1. Carefully consider what’s important to you

Before you even begin to look at properties, take the time sit back and really ponder. We have been in this business for over a quarter-century. We are experienced at knowing, perhaps even better than you, what you need to be asking yourself. We have the habit of posing very basic questions. Ask yourself some of the questions which you’ll find in Selecting a villa

2. Browse the properties.

Consider the prices, and make some PRELIMINARY selections. Try NOT to get your heart set on one particular place. We want to take you by the virtual hand and guide you to make the choice that’s really right for you. Don’t worry: We will absolutely not rent you a place that we feel isn’t 100% appropriate. If we can’t help you, we will refer you to trustworthy people who can.

3. Initial contact with Vacanza Bella.

Go to our Contact page for a list of things we want to know about you. Then, send us an email or give us a call. Describe yourselves and your needs, and tell us your preliminary selections. Or don’t make any preliminary selections at all, and let us guide you. This is our job. We’ll advise you what’s available and what isn’t. Again, if we don’t have just what we think you need, we promise that we won’t rent you something you won’t like; we’d rather refer you to people who we think can help. Our email address is Our phone number in North America is 415-670-9706.

4. Make a selection and hold a property.

Email or phone us to make your final selection. If it’s still available, we will hold the property for 3-5 days while you make you plan out your personal arrangements and confirm things with your friends and traveling companions. We will send you a formal letter by email provisionally confirming your booking, along with a Booking Form for you to complete and return to us.

5. Read the Rental Conditions and FAQs.

Sit down with your Campari and soda in hand and read our Rental Conditions carefully and in their entirety. Once you’ve done that, turn to our FAQs and (we hope) howl with laughter.

6. Print, complete, sign, and return the Booking Form.

Return the completed and signed forms to us by email attachment or by post within three working days, along with our payment. We will take your personal check, or you can pay via bank transfer. We do not accept credit cards. Your signature on the Booking Form tells us that you have read and accept the Rental Conditions. If you want to make your deposit by bank transfer, that’s fine, too. In that case, you should email us a copy of the transaction slip.

7. Booking confirmed

Your booking is confirmed definitively, upon our receipt of your Booking Form and initial deposit.

8. Trip cancellation insurance

We strongly recommend you purchase trip cancellation insurance to protect yourself against unforeseen events. Your payments are non-refundable and non-transferable to another date, unless we’re able to re-rent the place, highly unlikely if cancellation were to occur last-minute. We are not in the insurance business. Here, in no particular order, are some companies we strongly recommend for trip insurance:

Travelex –
Allianz –
Travel Insured –

You should purchase such insurance right away; many companies will waive pre-existing condition exclusions if you purchase the policy within 7 or 21 days of making your initial deposit.

9. Final payment

We will send you a reminder invoice two weeks prior to the due date, which is normally 60 days prior to your arrival.

10. Directions packet

We send you a voluminous packet of directions materials, containing the precise address of the property, names and phone numbers of contact persons, and full directions on how to get to the place.

11. Final communications

We have one or more conversations and/or email exchanges before you leave, in order to go over the logistics of your arrival day, answer any last-minute questions, and address any last-minute issues or concerns. YOU’RE ON YOUR WAY!