When we were pondering how to construct Vacanza Bella’s Contact Page, we looked at all kinds of other websites for ideas. We have to say We Are Not Impressed. We don’t like all those blanks to fill in like a mortgage loan application.

So here are two choices for contacting us:

  1. Email. We prefer email as the initial contact. Why? It gives you a chance to communicate your thoughts to us in an organized way, and it gives us a chance to respond thoughtfully, without shooting from the hip. Here’s our email address: info@vacanzabella.com
  2. Phone. Call us at 415-670-9706. If we’re not in, leave a message with your phone numbers – home, office, cell – and your email address, being sure to spell it out slowly and carefully. We’ll return your call promptly, often within minutes, almost always within 24 hours.

Again, our email is: info@vacanzabella.com
Here’s what we’d like you to include in your email:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your phone number (we will never share this with anyone, and we won’t pester you either — it’s just for our records)
  • Your preferred email address

And include as much of the following details as you can:

  • Were you referred to us by someone? If so, by whom?
  • When do you plan on traveling? Any flexibility?
  • Where do you want to be? Flexibility?
  • How many in your group? All adults? Couples? Singles? Teens? Children and ages?
  • Physical limitations, allergies, health concerns, etc.
  • Standard: normal or fancy?
  • What’s your prior travel experience in Italy if any?
  • Have you rented in Italy before?
  • Prior vacation rental experience? Caribbean? Mexico? Europe? US?
  • Have you already made a few property selections from our site? What are they?

We look forward to hearing from you soon.