Palazzo degli Sporti – Florence

Accommodates 2-8+ - 1-4 Bedrooms - 1-4 Baths - Wi-Fi - A/C - Terraces

One of Florence’s most famous rental properties, the Palazzo degli Sporti is a High-Renaissance palazzo right in the center of the city. We have worked with the owners of this building for nearly three decades and know each and every accommodations in detail. A variety of flats is available, from 1- to 4-bedroom, some close to luxurious with their own terraces overlooking the city, some much simpler indeed. All apartments have internet, air-conditioning, washing machine, heating, and housekeeping available. 2-week rentals are preferred as a minimum; 1-week bookings are accepted but are high-priced in comparison. Monthly prices range from US$4,500 up, depending on length of stay and, of course, on the particular unit rented. This is a fantastic building, and we know the pluses and minuses of each and every apartment, so please be sure to call us about them.

    Please contact us for details on the individual flats in the Palazzo degli Sporti.

    Wonderful in-town accommodations. This is a historic building, meaning rooms are oversize. No sense of claustrophobia here. Rooms facing the piazza cannot be entirely protected from noise, though double and triple glazing help significantly. The historic nature of the palazzo means that bathrooms cannot always be placed immediately adjacent to bedrooms.

    The flats with terraces are particularly attractive. There are 3 of these, and they book very early.

    We have our favorites. And there are a few which we counsel against. We will give you our unvarnished opinion on all the Sporti flats.


    Please contact us for details on the amenities and services in each of the individual flats in the Palazzo degli Sporti.

    Please contact us for price details.